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Hope was the Final Demon in Pandora's Box.
It prevents anyone from ever doing anything.

The Universe is broken.
It needs a Mechanic to fix it or trash it for recycling.

Learn what is wrong and how to correct it.
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 ICD-999, Vaccine Induced Diseases, The Chronic Serum Sickness Postulate is my first book and it will give you undeniable proof of Vaccines as Weapons of Mass Destruction.  

The Crookshank books below are the ones that I originally transcribed with no-holds-barred commentary:


In 1889, Edgar March Crookshank wrote History and Pathology of Vaccination, A Critical Inquiry, Volume 1; and Selected Essays, Volume 2.   I transcribed these books with my own commentary.  Volume 1 is the Most Important Book You Will Ever Read.  Volume 2 is the Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read.  Professor Crookshank includes material that is 288 years old that PROVES that they knew Variolation was a method of DEPOPULATION.


 Also available are my second and third books in the ICD-999 series: The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Plantae and The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Animalia. 

The Timelines of ICD-999 and Kingdom Animalia and Assaulted were combined into a workbook with lightly lined pages opposite the text so that you can write your own notes in: Timeline a brief History of Hell. 

You already know things are bad with the intent to only get worse so the only thing left is to DO something about it.  I thought there wasn't much more to say after I released: Assaulted.  Mass Medication by a Halogen you never suspected.  


Eve's ILL picks up where Assaulted left off.

Birthed from the middle of Eve's ILL the chapter that turned into two books: Operator's Manual for the Hu-man Body and
doof, Food Spelled Backwards.





If you would like to help out a Starving Artist in the Grain Ghetto then visit and send your friends to the direct links of Jordan Art Prints, and Truth Tiles so they don't get upset by the scary books.  I will be adding new digital abstract art as often as possible. 

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